Returns Policy

I offer a full refund of the purchase price should any of my jewellery be found to be faulty as a result of poor workmanship. You will need to let me know as soon as you receive the item if something is wrong with the jewellery. I cannot offer a refund if you simply change your mind. For jewellery other than earrings I will gladly discuss with you the option to swap it out for something else. For health and safety reasons, earrings cannot be returned other than for faulty workmanship.

Please use the contact details provided to make contact with me so we can discuss how I can provide the best possible result for you.

Please do not subject your jewellery to harsh treatment. Silver is a fairly soft metal and sometimes the beauty of the item means that it can be a little delicate. Amber can be affected by high temperatures.

All items other than My Jewellery (product listed as imported) are covered under the warrantees of the overseas suppler. There is a general acceptance that when directly importing product, you receive a much better purchase price but accept a greater responsibility for its suitability - i.e. wrong ring size ordered (caveat emptor).