Philippa's story

In my words

When you purchase your amber jewellery, you will be buying a piece that is new, manufactured with a product that is thousands of years old. Amber is a natural product that has waited an awfully long time for someone to care for it.  It is a fossilised gum that sometimes contains insects – some may love that, and some may not. Pieces of amber with fossilised insects in are extremely expensive. Many people believe in the healing powers of amber.  I prefer not to comment on that, but I do know that amber is light and warm to wear and holds a great fascination for many lucky owners. My fascination with amber started a long time ago too, but not quite as long ago as when amber started its journey.  When I was a child, my grandmother owned a string of large, honey-coloured amber beads.  I was always fascinated by the size of them but did not know anything about amber, except that that is what it is called.  I now wish that I had nagged her to let me have them, as I did with a couple of other things, because their whereabouts is now a mystery although I have never forgotten them.  My love of jewellery has never wavered. Some years ago, when I was travelling in the Scottish Highlands with my husband, we came across a gallery specialising in Baltic Amber jewellery.  What a find!  I scanned the items of beautiful jewellery and tried on only two pieces which caught my eye.  There was no doubt in my mind which one I should choose, and so began my jewellery-selling journey…. although I still did not know it at this point.  Back home in New Zealand I wore my beautiful pendant with pride and each time I wore it, without exception, people complimented me on the beauty of it.  This admiration did not come from just women, or from people who knew me.  I was stopped in the street and strangers, both men and women admired the piece and asked me what ‘the stone’ is.  I explained that it is not a stone, it is amber from the Baltic sea.  I realised that many people know nothing about amber, yet they are still wowed by its appearance.  Of course, many do know what amber is and appreciate both its beauty and its properties. I contacted the owner of the gallery in Scotland and told her of the number of comments I received about my gorgeous pendant.  I offered to sell it on her behalf, in New Zealand.  She generously offered instead to connect me with some of her suppliers in Poland, which I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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