I see you are based in New Zealand and also sell your own range of jewelry. Does the shipping vary?

Yes it does. All my Amber and Sterling Silver jewelry is sent from New Zealand. In NZ I can provide free shipping. This is not possible if you order for delivery to another country. I will try to keep any shipping costs to no more than NZD$35.

Why are there very few testimonials on your current product?

Almost all my NZ pieces are one-offs. Some of my smaller items such as studs and small earrings may have more than one available. Therefore, when you see the testimonials on my site, they might only refer to the quality of My NZ Jewellery and to the service received from me.

What is amber?

I talk about amber in My Story but amber is a naturally occurring product. Briefly, it is an ancient resin from plants that produced it an extremely a long time ago. It is found in the Baltic regions of Northern Europe. Because of its beauty, some people attempt to re-create it un-naturally. I have no trouble detecting these wannabee items.